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The Establishment of Sempu Company

Browse:本站  Date:2015-04-14

We were founded in 2011 by a group of experienced engineer who have a decade of experience in developing and manufacturing e-bike drive system. This is a high-tech enterprise committed to providing intelligent drive system solutions and key components for e-bikes, it extends across magnetic , mechanical and electronical etc. Sempu e-bike drive system supply you an extra power in hilly area, headwind situation, so that you can conquer the coming hills easily. Sempu intelligent e-bike drive system gives cyclist a unique sensation.

Quick response and double-sided pedaling force output detection, it makes cyclist can feel a smooth and seamlessly ride travel. Sempu e-bike drive system is a real power-assist, it not only works in hilly and headwind, but also helps people to ride faster, father by motor power offered. Sempu BB torque sensor,motor brushless gear motor,Brushless with gear ,inner rotor,e-bike drive system offer a performance to you have an easy and interesting riding feeling, you will enjoy it.

Sempu Motor Co.,Ltd  Technology:CTMON