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Sempu Founder Background

Browse:本站  Date:2015-04-14

Mr Tang Mingxi who used to work in XDS ,biggest bike factory in mainland China acted as senior manager mainly take charge of E-bike business.

Sempu set up in 2011 and create much more better performance double-sided torque sensor and made remarkable improvement during 3 years research and development create torque sensor series through V0,V1.0,V2.1 and current V2.2 version during the three years after great efforts via hardworking.

The intelligent bilateral torque sensor applied for technological patent and acquire the patent acknowledged by China government for new technical innovation .

Currently our torque sensor is the process of short run production and production quantity ranges 1-2K and to be well received for the performance and relaibility after test by customers at home and abroad and we plan to roll in mass production to support customers from all over the world to provide much more convenience for cycling .

Sempu Motor Co.,Ltd  Technology:CTMON